Posted on Saturday, November 01, 2008

Okay, settle down. It's not like I'm making a commitment here. Obviously I've been a bit--how you say?--flaky?--when it comes to posting here on Ye Olde Blog.

Okay, that statement there? That's so obvious that it qualifies not just as a "Duh" statement, but a bona fide Golden Duh. Yeah. Insightful!

So, anyway. NaBloPoMo. I'm keeping my options open. So here's a post. Bet you're glad you stopped by today, hoo boy. Guess you should have had a V8.

8 Response to "NaBloPoMo"

Op Says:

Happy Halloween, and November 2008!
Love you always honey!!!!!!!!
Op in Oz!

Danger Panda Says:

Love you too! How's Halloween catching on Down Under?

Margaret Says:

Wow--you're back...briefly. Any word from ASD?

Danger Panda Says:

No word from ASD. If I don't hear anything by the end of next week, I'll call them up and see what the deal is. Grrrr!

mental mosaic Says:

Ran into your blog via Prof J and saw that you are also doing the NaBloPoMo. Hurray! Just wanted to give you some NaBlo encouragement. :)
It's gonna be a fun month!


Danger Panda Says:

Thanks, Tui! I'll stop by your place later today. Yes, every little bit helps.

Jen Says:

I blew NaBloPoMo already. But I'm unreasonably happy to see you back again.

JoJo Says:

Is it that time again for NaBloPoMo? I can barely commit to 2 a month these days. lol Facebook takes up a wee bit o my time.

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