Posted on Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here is a group shot of the kids who ate dinner here and launched from our house for trick-0r-treating. Do they look a little old? Yeah, well, growing up is hard, especially when it involves giving up a sack load of free candy. At least they all dressed up. Nothing worse than a group of surly teens on the porch who can't even be bothered to dress up.

I made them all eat vegetables before they left. Yeah. So there.

10 Response to "Halloween!"

Op Says:

Halloween rocks...at any age!!!

Danger Panda Says:

Op, your kids looked good. But am I to understand that they were out there knocking on doors in broad daylight? That's gotta take some of the fun out of it, eh?

Jen Says:

What a crew!

This is my kind of Halloween.

Danger Panda Says:

Ari, there's a bunch, all right! Did T-kid make a good haul?

Margaret Says:

As long as they wear some kind of costume and are polite, I love trick or treaters of any age.

JoJo Says:

Well hello there! I had given up hope that you'd EVER update your blog!!

The kids look great! We had one group of 4 early-teen boys at about 8, but no one else showed. No one wants to trudge thru our hilly neighborhood when they can hit up the new developments on Angeline Rd.

RazorFamilyFarms.com Says:

What wonderful Halloween costumes! I love that you had them eat veggies before going out!!!



Anonymous Says:

Delighted to find you back at the keyboard. Thought of you and op on halloween. Yes, hween at 96*F and in the daylight - just isn't right. d

FirstNations Says:

A BANANA AND A BEE DOG! why, if only we ALL had a banana and a bee dog...

*wanders off singing 'Imagine' only substituting the word 'Opies' for 'people*

Danger Panda Says:

But the Opie jack-o-lantern was the absolute best!

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