Oh Well

Posted on Monday, November 10, 2008

Clearly, I've screwed up NaBloPoMo. Well. So much for that. But I have a good excuse. I have a sort of job. Get this. One of my old Paralegal instructors hired me to work from home for her as an independent contractor sort of paralegal--anywhere from 7 - 20 hours a week. Last week was my first week. I worked 16 hours, most of it sitting right here in my newly mucked out sewing room in the dark hours of night with my weird old-lady music cranked. Painless. Maybe even a bit of fun. And what's especially flattering is that she sees all the paralegal students come and go and could have the "pick of the litter" (so to speak). That turned out to be me. Yeah, bitchen dude. I rock like that.

I figure I can contact the old attorney I used to work for to see if he can use me from home too on an as-needed basis. He's a bankruptcy attorney, so I figure he's probably drowning in business at this point. Now all I need to do is figure out how to deal with the self-employment taxes and I'll be in business. Literally.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. It's been WAY too long since I've brought home a paycheck.

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OldHorsetailSnake Says:

Boy howdy, that is nifty-sweetums. But we all knew you were aces.

Margaret Says:

That is very cool; it sounds like something I would like. (working from home) However, I'm so easily distracted that I would probably get nothing done. So, subbing is fubar?

Danger Panda Says:

Hi Hoss! Thanks!

Margaret, still working on subbing. With only 20 hrs a week tops doing the work-from-home thing, I'll still need to sub. Auburn told me that they indeed have my ap when I checked today, just be patient. Okay, but it's been more than a month...

Op Says:

Congrats KJ!
And back to your earlier question....YES we trick or treat in DAYLIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Daylight savings on here now for the next 6 months!
Be good, and stay happy!

FirstNations Says:

OH DANG, THAT IS AWESOME! *clapping and cheering*
and in this economy? talk about the right place at the right time!

Anonymous Says:

GO GIRL! Congratulations! Wishing you enough . . .
May all the sock-monkies of the world join me in celebrating your new adventure.

JoJo Says:

You'll do just fine as soon as you get back into it. Congratulations! :)

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