Spring Cleaning

Posted on Friday, August 22, 2008

Yes, I've been neglecting you. I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better, it's not because I've been having any fun. I've been occupied with things like shampooing the carpet (over and over and over--thanks dog), the area rugs, spot cleaning upholstery, oiling the wood furniture, and applying touch-up paint here and there. And the front yard? Weeded, mowed, watered, fed, edged, and bark-o-mulched. Why this out-of-character cleaning binge? A couple of reasons actually. 1) I feel the need to get a job, maybe even a full time job, once the school year starts. If such a fate comes to pass, I'd like to have the house & yard cleaned up before paid employment starts sucking away most of my waking hours. 2) Even if I don't find the career of my dreams in the near future, Halloween is only a couple of months away (the official start of the holiday season, as far as we are concerned). This year, through some sort enchantment, Halloween falls on a Friday. Yeah! It's our household's biggest and busiest holiday; because of the weekend timing, this year it will probably include a sleepover for half the neighborhood kids and a slightly drunken debauch for their parents. And I'd like to start with a clean palate (in terms of the carpet) before I have to clean up the unspeakable aftermath.

In cat news, our boy is at the vet's being neutralized today. And not a minute too soon. Think a good thought for him. (***wipes away a sentimental tear***) They grow up so fast!

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JoJo Says:

Wow, well I still have 3 rooms at my house yet to "spring clean" but I will certainly not object if you want to come over and do it for me. I mean, you seem like you are on such a roll, I'd hate for you to run out of work. ;P

Given up on our carpets. We've decided that throw rugs are our friends, at this point. Thank god for Fred Meyer. Let the record reflect that we were NOT the ones who chose wall to wall WHITE berber carpet. I'd like to strangle the prior owners for that.

Danger Panda Says:

White carpet? What a nightmare. We carefully chose dirt colored carpet, but with the dog, you can still tell that the mud factor has become impressive. I can't believe the amount of dirt in the water that I poor out of that machine. Gross stuff.

Even with all that I've been doing here, I feel like I've barely made a dent. I guess that's what I get for neglecting all these chores for so long...

Margaret Says:

In a house, the more you do the more you see NEEDS DOING. After our hard wood and new carpet project(still no base) I see lots of other carpet and painting that should be redone. And we don't even have a dog!!

Danger Panda Says:

Margaret, so I should give up now? Okay! Let's have a Hef!

Big Dave T Says:

I had to stop by to tell you that I ran across one of your buddies quoted in the Ann Arbor News here: John Urquhardt (sp?). Something about the collapse of an ice cave up your way.

I've already noticed that Halloween is on a Friday. I've just burned a new CD of Halloween-themed music that I plan to play as background music for my yard display.

This co-worker of mine has a two-hour internet radio program that has a new show each Friday and I've been trying to talk him into doing a Halloween-themed show on October 31st. He says there's not enough relevant music to fill a two-hour show. Those kinda guys gotta be educated.

Danger Panda Says:

Not enough music for two hours of Halloween!?! Pashaw. He's not trying. Party pooper.

So, you got to hear the dulcet tones of Johnny Urquhart? (Or at least a transcription of him?). Lucky you! Yes, that ice cave thing was pretty scary. My boy fell into a tree well up there last winter and vows to never go up to Snoqualmie again. This story didn't help. At least the boys got out alive. They were pretty darn lucky.

OldHorsetailSnake Says:

Have you gotten down to the friends and relatives yet? They probably need it worse.

Danger Panda Says:

No doubt, Hoss, no doubt!

JoJo Says:

And then a sand cave collapsed on another kid in Dash Point State Park yesterday!

FirstNations Says:

ADVICE: stay away from caves and cavelike formations when in washington. come here for the natural beauty. not the caves. the caves are mean; avoid the caves. no. no caves. they are the devouring mouths of gehenna and the gateway to an eternity of screaming and flames and monsters that chew on you and stick big pitchforks in your eyeballs.

no caves.

now go clean your carpet you lazy slacker.

Danger Panda Says:

FN, but what about caves? Is it okay to go into caves?

Margaret Says:

Hey there--miss you! How are your kids adjusting to school, especially your daughter? I know she was scared. I have pretty good groups of students this year--no class from hell like last year. *knock on wood*

OldHorsetailSnake Says:

What a dynamo!! Are you sure you are not fagged out?

RazorFamilyFarms.com Says:

That sign.... I am cracking up!

We are tackling windows today. I HATE washing windows -- until I get started and then I think, "Why do I hate this so much?"

Then I spill my bucket, run up and down the ladder a few times and remember why I hate it.



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