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Posted on Monday, August 04, 2008

Hey, are any of you signed up at I signed up at a friend's request, not thinking that I would use it very much, but it's a bit addictive. I guess it's drawing me in because it's designed to appeal to people who read (me) and people who are pathological about making lists (me). Goodreads presses all my little OCD buttons.

If you think you might sign up, let me know. I'd love to add a few more "friends" and see what everyone's reading. (OP, I know that you especially might go for this).

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Margaret Says:

GREAT--you point me to a site that is about reading and addictive. You know my pattern!! However, it is too tempting to leave alone.

JoJo Says:

Oh geez, I don't dare go there. B/t blogging and facebook, I'm maxing out as it is on computer stuff!!!!

Danger Panda Says:

Margaret, I'm so glad you joined! Seriously, it's kinda nice to use this site because I often can't remember the authors of all the books I raed, especially in summer. I often find myself thinking that I should buy another book like that one I read way back when, but can't remember who wrote it. Yeah, I'm kinda pathetic that way.

JoJo, COME. COME to the dark side...

Jen Says:

I did sign up awhile ago, but I'm not obsessive about making lists, so I kind of let it fall off my radar. Every now and then I'll get a notification about what Wasteland Fan and ASP (friends and commenters at my place who got me into it originally) are reading, and that's interesting.

Razor Family Farms Says:

I've never heard of it but I'm off to check it out now. Neat!

Thank you!


JoJo Says:

DP - I'll join only if you wear the Darth Vader costume and say that to me. lol

Sandi Says:

I know - it's very addicting. I'm glad you like it... I noticed you had several updates! You did recommend one of the best books I've read this summer... so keep sharing!

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