History's Mysteries

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here is a link to a way cool news story that you might be interested in. Then again, maybe ancient local history isn't your thing. If so, roll ahead to the section about "a tip from a reader." That reader? Yours truly!

Because, people, I know where all the bodies are buried.


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Margaret Says:

As you know, your local is my local, so I'd already read the story. I had no clue that the Kristy was you! When I first read it, it said that he'd been killed by seals; I couldn't figure out how that would have happened. It goes to show how important proper punctuation is.

JoJo Says:

My local too. I canceled my subscription to the TNT so didn't see this story.

Margaret - LOL! I thought the same thing about the "seals".

Time Says:

I have grave concerns about you.

Danger Panda Says:

At least it didn't happen in December. Then we would have all sorts of Christmas Seals confusion!

And, Tim, very punny. As usual.

Jen Says:

All I could think about when I read the article was that the police department has an actual historian, and that you would be perfect for such a job.

Razor Family Farms Says:


I love this story and think that it is so neat that the Tacoma Police Department went through so much trouble and expense for a "forgotten" hero. Cool!


Danger Panda Says:

The department historian has a day job with the police and does the history side as a labor of love (otherwise, it's a job I would LOVE). Plus, it's going to take a lot of stories like this to balance out the whole David Brame fiasco in terms of the department's history. In this case, money well spent.

Lacy, I think it's neat too. I admire organizations that know and understand their own history, regardless of the motives.

JoJo Says:

DP - True story about Brame. I still practically vomit every year his family puts in that disgusting memorial in the TNT's obit section, usually with some snide comment like "we know the truth". They make me sick.

FirstNations Says:

That was really a cool thing to do. And thats a star in your crown, you know. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a beginning, a middle and an end to all their stories and you were able to step in and help. Families always know about the horsetheives but you helped one family know about their genuine hero! Seriously classy, my darling.

Danger Panda Says:

FN,thanks! And Minor Cudihee is only part of the story. I discovered that all three Cudihee brothers went into law enforcement and had quite the careers. I would love to get ahold of the family members who attended the ceremony and let them know that there is an even bigger story that they should know. Not quite sure how to do that, but someday...

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