Posted on Friday, October 14, 2005


It’s been a wacky week, but I couldn’t let it slip by entirely without alerting you to the fact that we are in the rancid middle of National Squirrel Appreciation Week. This is the “festive” time during which skwerl-huggers pay homage to their skwerlian overlords, hoping that they will be viewed with favor when the nasty little rodents finally succeed in their plans to take over the world. Gives me a rash just thinking about it.

One another note, this also happens to be National School Lunch Week. Coincidence? With all the hysteria about childhood nutrition and obesity, perhaps there’s some small hope in combining the two events. After all, is it not a basic truth that skwerls – fuzz = protein? Are we not missing a cheap and abundant source of quality meat-like product for our kids in the form of squirrel-burgers? Surely if the Reagan Administration could classify ketchup as a vegetable for school lunch purposes, we can convince George Bush to support a varmint cull for the sake of the children. Come on, George. It’s for the kids.

In the meantime, Dave, probably because cricket is out of season, is playing tag instead. He tagged me this week with a meme requiring me to delve into my archives to a certain depth and pick out a specified sentence to examine for nuance and meaning. I’m aware of this tag and fully intend to comply. For me, however, this constitutes pretty high math, so I have been postponing for a couple of days. I do think it’s lovely that someone out there was creative enough to come up with a use for the overabundant blog archives of the world. Like squirrel meat, they are another under-used resource going to waste. Maybe we should have a National Archive Week? Couldn’t hurt.

Mmmm--tastes like chicken!

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Anonymous Says:

Blogeois said...

Squirrel week? You'd think it was Squirrel month around here with all their nut demanding. NO ONE should go through 50 pounds of unsalted peanuts in 3 weeks, the little furry P-I-G-S!

OldHorsetailSnake Says:

Sqwerrel tastes like venison. Rattlesnake tastes like chicken.

Cheryl Says:

Nice face on the kid there, too. Maybe you could get him a gig on the Food Channel-- a sqwerrel meat special? What with fears of mad cow and bird flu it may be the next great alternative!

MarkD60 Says:

No sqwerrels here, here we have Cayman Rabbits, only everybody else calls them rats!!
Those hamburgers look pretty good, they're the only thing identifyable though...

FTS Says:

The actually have a "Squirrel Appreciation Week?" Yeesh

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