Posted on Saturday, October 08, 2005

More on Disc Golf

Okay, for the benefit of Surly Girl, here's another picture from my local "Disc Golf" course. This is one of the "holes." I guess the idea is that you aim from afar for this contraption (it's about as tall as I am, by the way), hoping that the lengths of chain will stop your Frisbee and drop it into the basket. From here, you also "tee off" for the next hole on the course.

Mind you, since I've never actually seen anyone play this game, I'm merely speculating here. I feel like the first Eskimo to ever have to describe a camel to his fellow villagers. I wouldn't blame you at all if you can't picture it, but, really, I'm serious.

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Dave Says:

Yes, that's exactly what was shown on our local news, and it is indeed used in the way you surmise.

OldHorsetailSnake Says:

Do they write it up in the newspaper when somebody gets a hole in one? Did you know you play this game left-handed and right-handed ON THE SAME DAMN DAY? I know a lot about Frisbees.

surly girl Says:

it's a bit weird tho, isn't it?

Jona Says:

I've never seen anything like it! Guess that means they'll be everywhere within five years ;o)

MarkD60 Says:

This is a fantastic game! I played A LOT when I lived in the USA. Look up PDGA on the internet, you can find all the courses and lots of info.
the top of the Pole Hole is about shoulder height and the basket is about waist high. It is supposed to be like throwing it for a person to catch.
You carry a whole bag of disks like different golf clubs, one that curves left, one that curves right, one that floats if there's water. A putter.
I am so excited to find this post on your blog.
I LOVE disk golf.
The disks are not like frisbees, they're heavier, smaller and not made for catching. You can really make them fly fast and far. Wait till you see someone who's really good play. Awesome!
Also it's great environmentally, it saves the trees!
Learn to play, you'll love it I'm sure!

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