Posted on Thursday, September 15, 2005

How to be Passive Aggressive:

How does the passive aggressive male celebrate his wedding anniversary?

1) He wakes up to the sound of his wife whispering in his ear, “Happy anniversary, Darling. It’s been X wonderful years.” Without thinking, he sits bolt upright in bed and yells, “Oh shit! Is that today?!?”

2) He watches his wife give birth to his baby on the day before their anniversary. He goes to the hospital gift shop to buy a flower arrangement, selecting a free card large enough to inscribe with both events, thinking, “Cool. Two for the price of one!”

3) He watches his wife struggle to maintain a certain level of fitness and health while he allows himself to go to pot. She succeeds in losing weight and makes maintaining her success part of her daily routine. He buys her a THREE POUND box of chocolates for their wedding anniversary.

Guess which one(s) of the above stunts Howser has pulled. Go ahead. It shouldn’t be that hard…

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surly girl Says:

ooh, um, all of them?

i used to have one of those. don't miss him a bit.

Jona Says:

I probably shouldn't comment cause in our house, it's me that forgets!

But my guess is, all three over the years, but number three would irritate me the most!

FTS Says:

[D] All of the above?

How sad... :(

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