January Bullets

Posted on Saturday, February 05, 2011

* Was offered--and accepted--a permanent status part-time position with a company that initially hired me as a seasonal employee last August.

* Went to Oregon for a two-day visit with my Mom and both sisters. Amtrak points accumulated.

* Transcribed my first cemetery: Oregon's Chemawa cemetery. Published same on internet.

* Bought a new car! 2010 Honda Element with the "dog-friendly package." Pretty color: Tango Red Pearl.

* Completed training at now-permanent employer and began new schedule as a core employee.

* Was contacted by a former attorney-employer about possibility of working for him again. We'll meet. I'm keeping my options open.

* Paid remainder of trip cost for daughter to go to Disney with her high school band. She'll go in April.

* Restarted driving lessons with said daughter. Pray for us.

* Updated our cemetery website with a new Japanese family story, including two historic family photos provided by that family. Score.

* Discovered that daughter's long-term Japanese sub has ancestors buried in our cemetery. Awesome. A new contact!

* Semester grades arrived. Daughter achieves her usual excellent results. The son? That's a different matter. Certain Amish consequences will be instituted for continued bad grades.

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Anonymous Says:

yeah for the Lommen's! We just survived extreme summer conditions with a heat wave, 106f for one example...... but so glad most things are under control with yourt clan.
Miss you........

g'd Says:

...yeah, welcome back... and with good news and options. Not sure what "transcribing a cemetery" involves...good on ya! What are you naming your new "wheels"?

Big Dave Says:

I'd like to find a good reason to hang out at cemeteries. I'd always thought doing research on my ancestry might do but I don't think I'd find many of my ancestors within a tankful of gas. Maybe with a Honda. Not with the Grand Caravan we just bought (thinking that gas prices should stabilize for a while).

Pernicious Panda Says:

Wow, I can't beleive people still come here, bless your souls!
dc, transcribing a cemetery is simply walking all the rows with a clipboard and pencil, recording everything on every marker, formatting the info in an excel chart and uploading it to one of the internet sites that specializes in compiling such information (www.findagrave.com is the best example). Dave, you should try it even if you don't have local ancestors. Many of your ancestors are probably already in such databases, and it's a way of paying forward the volunteer work that got them there.

As for my car, I hadn't thought about it's name. A new project!

Opy, stay cool! Yowza. Makes me almost content here with my perpetually gray sky. You could always come here and cool off...Love you!

Margaret Says:

Wow--a lot has changed. Congrats on the job, what will you be doing? Amish consequences--snicker. I love that!!

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