We Interrupt This Series..

Posted on Sunday, May 09, 2010

...to bring you a completely non-Deutch-related update on my life and chronic absenteeism!

1) I have completed student teaching! "Student teaching?" you ask. "Isn't student teaching something you were condemned to suffer through back in the dark and distant 80's?" Why, yes! As a matter of fact, it was! HOWEVER, that stint of student teaching resulted in my English/Language Arts endorsement. And, as I try to revive my long dormant teaching career, I know that I will be twice as employable with two endorsements. So, this stint of student teaching was intended to result in a shiny new Social Studies endorsement. And, unlike the first time around in the 80's, this time student teaching was an absolute and undeniable blast! I taught two periods of U.S. History & Government to 11th graders at a quasi-local high school, specifically a unit on the Civil Rights Movement. And I rocked. How do I know this? Because here a full week afterward, I'm still having dreams--normal, pedestrian dreams--that are entirely populated with black people. My psyche has never been so thoroughly integrated. Dude. You wish you were me.

2) I am brushing up my Esperanto in anticipation of another 3-week immersion course in San Diego this summer. And, after teaching Esperanto all year at the Boy's middle school, even at a very basic level, my Esperanto has never felt sharper. I can't wait!

3) In anticipation of my San Diego sojourn, I was presented with a brand new net-book computer for Mothers' Day! I'm typing on it now, trying to make the adjustment to yet a tinier world of print. My old laptop is named "Levon", so this new little sister has been christened "Lidia" (a fine Esperanto name). Isn't she cute? Okay, so you can't see her. But trust me, she's cute.

4 Response to "We Interrupt This Series.."

JoJo Says:

Sounds like you've been keeping really busy!! When is the school year over? Will you have the summer off or are you working?

Pernicious Panda Says:

Let's see--the school year is over for us on June 25, but I'll be on my way south by then, leaving the kids here with my husband to fend for themselves. I won't be back from San Diego until the 3rd week of July. Maybe I'll be able to find some sort of job in time for the coming school year. Fingers crossed!

Op Says:

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you. I arrive in OR 7th June, leaving 17 June. Can we visit?

Margaret Says:

I'm so glad that the student teaching went so well, especially after all your trials and tribulation. Will you be job hunting for next year? San Diego is very tempting considering the kind of weather we've been having.

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