Try, Try Again

Posted on Saturday, February 27, 2010

Okay, as most of you know by now, my son took it upon himself to Google me, and, bless his pointed little head, he found his way to my site. Great. I don't want him here. I don't want my daughter there, nor my husband. I just want to communicate with select friends and the anonymous internet in general, without the unsolicited commentary of any 12-year-old child. Is that so much to ask?

He was pretty damn smug about it too.

So, I had this "Vaporback Writer" site several years ago. It was pretty cool, but it was spawned at a time when I was pretty dissatisfied with life in general, and my husband in specific. So, despite the fact that Hoss (remember Hoss? Gosh, I miss him!) had helped me obtain a really cool template for the thing, I eventually abandoned it and went on to more positive pursuits (Ed Troyer love poems and associated stalking, etc.). Unfortunately, that template seems to have evaporated into the atmosphere, so here I have found alternate arrangements template-wise. Not sure if I like this look or not. Feel free to chime in with an opinion.

Those old era posts are still here. Mostly. But it looks like the dates have dropped off of them. That's not such a big deal though. We'll see if I get an actual date on this post.

The big problem is that I'm still listed here as "XXXX Panda." That phrase has got to go. That's how the nefarious boy found my secret lair in the first place. Unfortunately, I may not be able to divorce this particular site from that identity (black-hearted Google bastards!). So, to make a long story short, I may have to start over from scratch yet again.

Who's ready to follow? Anybody? Anybody?


5 Response to "Try, Try Again"

g'd Says:

Shheeeesh, had to reconstruct my "google" accound to make a post... no annymous option.
Success!!!!! Knew if it could be done, YOU would do it! Thanks from me/all of us. I already feel re-connected again. THANKS. Tried the "follower" link but have forgotten my yahoo sign in... but you are now in my "favorites" bar... where you belong!!!! d

Margaret Says:

HELLO back! I'm glad to see you over here; I like the template but think it needs something up top to tie it in. Of course, don't ask me how to do such a thing. (no clue) Coffee soon?

Danger Panda Says:

No anonymous option? I'll have to see if I can change that. And I'm still not getting dates on these posts. Hmmm. Anyway, thank you guys for stopping in. Hopefully I can knit something usable together here--we'll see...

Trailhead Says:

Thank Dog you're back, is all I have to say.

JoJo Says:

I'm so glad that you are back, at long last!

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