Happy Mothers' Day

Posted on Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yes, I realize probably no one will be reading this, but I've decided to post it up here anyway. I have news. I've qualified for a scholarship to attend an Esperanto immersion program in San Diego this summer. My course fees are all waived--I only have to pay my room/board. Get this--I'll be gone for three weeks. I've NEVER been separated from my kids for more than three or four nights at a stretch, so this is a bit scary, especially for my son (who has a sometimes troubled relationship with my husband). Nevertheless, I can't help but think that the circumstances that are allowing me to do something this quixotic and fun may never converge again. Either one has the money for this sort of quest, but no time--or has the time and no money. Since I'm hoping to be more consistently employed next year, this might be my only shot.

And if I go through another sun-less Seattle summer, life won't be worth living.

Now, anyone have any advice on surviving a 30+ hour trip on Amtrak?

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Professor J Says:

Hey you!Amtrack? Pack food (only eat in the dining car for breakfast), books, and a lap top--then try to sit next to a power outlet. It is actually great fun.

Danger Panda Says:

Thanks, PJ! Yes, I've travelled on Amtrak frequently, but my trips have always been in the 5-6 hour range. 30 hours sounds pretty grueling. We'll see...

JenK Says:

Didn't we have an issue here with peeing on an Amtrak train? Perhaps we should revisit that issue before you make your trip.

Congratulations! This totally sounds like you.

Danger Panda Says:

I think Tim ID (when he was reading here) and I had a discussion of the fine points. He's a train guy (works for Sounder, etc.) so has to lay to rest the rumors that the trains still flush directly onto the tracks. I do (or did) my best to keep him stirred up!

Margaret Says:

Lots and lots of good books! This is a very exciting opportunity; I'm excited for you and look forward to hearing about it over lunch/beer/coffee. Hint, hint.

Danger Panda Says:

Thanks, Margaret. Yes, we will get together. It will probably have to be late summer though. This little adventure has me getting home in late July!

Anonymous Says:

Fun-tastic, hoorah, go girl! Sweet! Good experience for the kidlets also to be in control of their lives - for three weeks. Lots of learning opportunities. I didn't know such opportunities existed - good on ya! Travelling on Amtrak is a small price to pay for three weeks of excitement! d/me/opmom Glad to see you update your blog!!!!

Danger Panda Says:

I can't believe you still check back here. This site has been as abandoned as a ship in the Burmuda Triangle. Thanks for all the encouragement. Yes, I think it will be a good learning opportunity all around--including me NOT trying to control everything going on at home from a distance. We'll see how THAT goes!

JenK Says:

This site has been as abandoned as a ship in the Burmuda Triangle.

Yeah, but we keep hoping.

Paula Says:

The ship may have been abandoned but it hasn't sunk yet. ;)

That sounds like fun. I hope you had a good time in San Diego. It's a gorgeous place!

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