Another Argument in Favor of Esperanto???

Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2009

Really, you would expect this sort of thing in America, but in England? Oh, my.

4 Response to "Another Argument in Favor of Esperanto???"

Margaret Says:

People do go crazy on those apostrophes though; they use them on plurals where they don't need them. I think they need to be used when appropriate--for possessives. That's correct grammar!

Danger Panda Says:

And contractions--don't forget those! But, yes, I don't know what's up with finding so many of them on simple plurals these days. The English teachers need to start carrying bigger sticks...

JenK Says:

Oh dear God. I am horrified.

"Acocks Green."

Somewhere, I'm sure one is. But only if you put an apostrophe after the k.

FirstNations Says:

If we all spoke Klingon the only apostrophes we'd have to worry about would be in names, as: K'tharq, M'thon, etc.

well it's true.

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